Where do I get help with class registration?

If you know what classes to take for the upcoming semester but don’t know how to enroll in the classes through MyLFCC, someone in Counseling and Advising will walk you through the process of enroll in the classes. 

If you don’t know what classes to register for in the upcoming semester, you need academic advising and you can seek advising through the Counseling and Advising Office or your faculty advisor for what courses to take.

How do I know when to register?

You will be notified of the registration dates through your LFCC student email account in an email from the Dean of Students. Additionally, registration dates are advertised on the LFCC webpage. Typically, registration for Summer and Fall classes begins in early April and registration for Spring classes begins in late October.

A class I need is closed – what do I do?

There are several things that you can do. The best advice is to check with the Business Office and see when the next back out date (the date we drop students who did not pay their tuition) and register as soon as possible if seats become available. Typically, we do not provide overrides because in many cases classes are set based upon the number of seats in the classroom. If there are no seats, then there is nothing a dean can do. If there are seats available in the classroom, the instructor has the discretion to override or to not override the course limit. Labs are limited by safety regulations and will not be overridden.

Lastly, avoid classes being closed by registering early.

What is a Program of Study?

All of the collective courses required to obtain a Career Studies Certificate, Certificate, or Associates Degree.

How do I change my major/program of study?

If you know which program you want to enroll in, you may complete a Curriculum Admission Form at Admissions and Records or in the Counseling and Advising Office. If you are unsure about what program is right for you, you may want to make an appointment with an advisor for assistance.

What is an Applied Degree? What is a Certificate?

Occupational-technical programs, intended to prepare students for specific occupations, lead to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, a Certificate (C) or a Career Studies Certificate (CSC). Following completion of these programs, students may choose to enter the workforce or pursue additional education or training options.

The Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) is awarded to students majoring in one of the occupational-technical curricula who plan to seek full-time employment upon graduation from the College.

The certificate is awarded to students who complete one of the approved, curricula usually less than two years in length.

How do I get credit for prior learning?

PLACE: (Prior Learning Activity for Credit Evaluation) allows students to develop portfolios

based on their experiences to demonstrate learning equivalent to one or more college courses. If accepted by the faculty, the student is then awarded credit for the course or courses. PLACE is for adults who have gained college level learning through work, volunteer activities, participation in civic and community assignments, travel, independent study, and similar “life” experiences. Interested students should contact the Student Life Office to learn more about PLACE.


I was notified via email that my registration was cancelled – what do I do?

Follow directions in your email. You may contact the Counseling and Advising office for advising.

What is on my college transcript?

A college transcript from Lord Fairfax Community College will include the following laid out as such: Student’s name, ID number, and address

LFCC, Address, School Code

Print Date of transcripts

Any Degrees Awarded

Any Transfer Credits

Academic Record by Term (includes class title, course number, credit values, grade received, GPA, academic standing


What is an Academic Advisement  Report?

Similar to an official transcript with same information as above but actually takes the completed course work and plugs it into the degree plan enrolled in to give a picture of the progress (what is complete and what still needs to be taken) .

To view your Academic Advisement Report:

  1. Got to MYLFCC and login
  2. Choose SIS
  3. Click on student center
  4. Click on My Academics
  5. Click on View My Advisement Report
My work schedule has changed since I registered – what do I do?

Before classes start, you may drop or swap classes to accommodate your new schedule. Once courses have begun, depending on the time of the semester, you may want to drop or withdraw from your class(es). If you are close to finishing the course, you may want to have a discussion with your faculty member about any alternate arrangements that may be available for you to complete the course. You can discuss all of these options with your instructors or an academic advisor. Students should be familiar with the academic calendar to know the important dates and deadlines. The drop date occurs very close to the start of the semester. The withdraw date is later in the semester, about half way through the session.

What do I do if I’m missing classes or having difficulty in a class?

Because attendance is essential for academic success, you will want to be in communication with your instructor about why you are missing class, and if/how you can make up the work. 

If you are struggling in a class:

  • Seek out guidance from your faculty member during his/her office hours
  • Stop by for free tutoring at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) on the Middletown campus
  • Contact Judy Suddith for tutoring services on the Luray-Page County Center
  • Contact Elizabeth Martini for tutoring services on the Fauquier Campus
  • Establish a study group among your peers in the class. 

Sometimes, it may be better to drop or withdraw from the class.  An advisor can provide you with some guidance about your options, which will change depending on the point in the semester. Students should be familiar with the academic calendar to know the important dates and deadlines. The drop date occurs very close to the start of the semester.   The withdraw date is later in the semester, about half way through the session.

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

A student wishing to drop a course must complete the drop electronically through the student information system (SIS) or in the Admissions and Records Office by the published last date to qualify for a refund for the particular course. This transaction removes the student from the class roll and no grade is assigned.

Later in the semester, you may withdraw without grade penalty. Withdrawals cannot be completed on MyLFCC and require the submission of a withdrawal form signed by your faculty member or an advisor. A withdrawal results in a “W” on your transcript and you will not be refunded for the class. Students receiving financial aid must consult with the financial aid office prior to withdrawing to discuss what, if any, impact a withdrawal will have on their aid.

Will this course transfer to another college?

Each four-year college makes decisions about which courses from Lord Fairfax will transfer individually. Students planning to transfer should contact the transfer counselor at the school they want to attend. Each transfer counselor is listed in the transfer guide. Students transferring out-of-state should research the school online and follow the guidelines for transfer students.

A grade of “C” or better is normally required for a course to be transferred. Students need to check with each college to verify grade requirements.

Students can use the transfer guide and other transfer resources available at www.lfcc.edu/transfer.

What is a GPA?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned in courses by the total number of credits attempted. The cumulative GPA includes all courses attempted. When students repeat a course, only the last grade earned is counted in the computation of the cumulative GPA and for satisfying curricular requirements.

I’m still in high school – can I still take classes?

Yes. You will need to contact your high school counselor or principal, or the Dual Enrollment office for more information.

How do I know if I qualify for in-state tuition?

General information about establishing Virginia domicile can be found here: http://www.schev.edu/schev/publications/domicilebrochure.pdf. If you have further questions please contact the Admissions and Records office.

How do I find online courses at LFCC?

You can find online courses at LFCC by searching the course listings in the Student Information System (SIS) and choosing “Online” from the drop-down box beside Mode of Instruction.

How do I learn more about Distance/Online Learning at LFCC?

The Office of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning has a website just for that: https://lfcc.edu/elearning-at-lfcc

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