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Welcome to LFCC’s Writing Center

Writing at the college level can be difficult for anyone at any point of the writing process. LFCC students can now receive FREE assistance with writing assignments Monday through Friday, throughout the entire semester via the Writing Center.  

Students should feel free to stop by any time during our business hours and speak with our English tutors to receive feedback on written assignments. Both the walk-in sessions and the online paper submission allow students to receive assistance with grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, citations, etc.

Please come prepared with questions for our tutors that will help you focus on the issues that you are struggling with and would like to learn. Our goal is to help students achieve success and become effective and independent writers. Come see how we can help you!

Why do I need English?

When was the last time that you wrote something? Perhaps it was for a class or for an employer.  But is that the only “writing” you have done? Have you sent an email, a memo, or posted to Twitter?  We write every day—it is an integral part of our society. This non-verbal communication, or representation of ourselves, speaks volumes about us.  In a recent study, prospective employers stated that they would not hire candidates with poor written communication skills. These businesses did not want poor representation. 

Not only will continued writing practice improve your non-verbal communication, increasing your chances of earning the job you hope for, it will allow you to express yourself in various ways, effectively conveying multiple emotions and messages.

How Does It Work?             

A qualified English tutor will assist you with your writing questions when you walk in during any of our tutoring hours. To see the most current tutor schedule, please visit www.lfcc.edu/tutor and click on walk-in tutoring schedule.

In order to receive the best learning experience, you should come prepared with relevant books, paper & pencil and your paper already printed. 

Online Paper Feedback 

To submit a paper for feedback from an LFCC writing tutor, please click here to complete our online submission form.  Your paper will be returned within two business days.  You must be logged in to your LFCC email in order to submit your paper online for review.  

The reviewing tutor will spend approximately 30 minutes on each paper. Responses will be returned via email within 2 business days.  Business days are Monday – Friday. 

Where can you find us?

The Writing Center is located in room 706 of Fairfax Hall on the Middletown Campus.

Phone:  540-869-0762

Email:  writing@lfcc.edu

Questions for Critical Reading and Comprehension

Choose one of the following selections to read.  Once you have finished reading the selection, answer the questions that follow. The questions are designed to help improve critical thinking and reading across the disciplines.

“The Gift of the Magi”

Reading Questions for “The Gift of the Magi”

“How to Operate the Shower Curtain”

Reading Questions for “How to Operate the Shower Curtain”

Additional English Resources

Handouts and Worksheets

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