Traditional Tutoring

The Tutoring Center provides free tutoring services to all currently enrolled LFCC curriculum students.

At the Middletown and Fauquier Campuses, students interested in receiving tutoring can visit the walk-in tutoring center at any time during the operating hours to get assistance in LFCC curriculum courses. If you are auditing a class, we will assist if possible, but preference is given to students who are taking classes for credit. 

In order to receive the best learning experience, you should come prepared with your syllabus, relevant books, and any additional materials needed.

Please note:  The Google links below can ONLY be accessed if you are logged into your MyLFCC account and not from your personal Google account.


Fauquier Campus Tutor Schedule

Tutoring will begin on Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Middletown Campus Tutor Schedule  – updated daily

Tutoring will begin on Monday, August 27, 2018  


Online Paper Feedback Submission

Need writing support but can’t make it to tutoring? Feel free to submit your paper online for feedback from one of our tutors. Please allow 2 business days for your paper to be reviewed.


Interested in becoming a LFCC Tutor?

For more details on employment please view the following attachment:

LFCC Hiring Information


Contact Information

Middletown Campus (Fairfax Hall, Library, Room 706)

Contact Mia Leggett Dezura to request a tutor or to be a tutor at our Middletown location.

Mia Leggett Dezura
Mia Leggett Dezura
Associate Dean of Student Services
(540) 868-7087
(540) 868-4134

Fauquier Campus (Room 204)

Contact Elizabeth Martini to request a tutor or to be a tutor at our Fauquier location.

Elizabeth Martini
Elizabeth Martini
Testing and Tutoring Supervisor
(540) 351-1575
(540) 351-1549

Luray-Page County Center

Contact Judith Suddith to request a tutor or to be a tutor at our Luray / Page County Center.

Judith J. Suddith
Judith J. Suddith
Manager of Luray-Page County Center
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