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Welcome to LFCC’s Math Center 

College mathematics can be intimidating to anyone pursuing post-secondary education. Know that you are not alone, we are here to help! Students can now receive help with their math classes Monday through Friday throughout the entire semester via the Math Center.  The Math Center is an open ‘walk-in’ lab available to all LFCC students seeking help. Students should feel free to stop by any time during our business hours and speak with our skilled math tutors. No questions are bad questions, so come prepared to learn.

Contact Information:

Middletown Campus
Room 302 in Fairfax Hall

540-869-0762 or 540-868-7275

Who is it for?

The Math Center is for all LFCC students of all levels of mathematics taught here at LFCC. The walk-in basis allows students to swing by for a quick question or stay and receive help prepping for their upcoming quiz or test.    

How Does It Work?             

Simply walk in during any of our tutoring hours with your math questions and a qualified math tutor will assist you. Students of higher math courses, such as calculus or statistics, should check the schedule to ensure there is someone available to teach higher-end mathematics at that requested time. To optimize their learning experience, students should come prepared with their books, notes, paper & pencil.  To see the most current tutor schedule, please visit and click on walk-in tutoring schedule.

Online Study Resources:

Online Library of Videos: The following links offer great math instruction via video.

Online Calculators: The following links are for online calculators

Online Math Games: The following links offer online math games

Online Study Aids for Standardized Tests: The following links provide study material for standardized test

Formula Sheets & Quick Tips: The following links provide formula sheets and quick-study guides

Printable Worksheets: The following links provide free printable worksheets for a range of math courses

Math Anxiety & Study Tips: The following links provide help for overcoming math anxiety and provide study tips for success in math classes. 

Help with Word Problems: The following links provide help for solving word problems and applications

Value of Math Education & Jobs: The following links provide useful information for students who study mathematics.

Math Vocabulary: The following links provide definitions of common math vocabulary.

How to Use Your Calculator: The following links provide common keystroke help.

Are You Ready For Your Math Placement Test?

The following set of videos will help incoming students prepare for their math placement test here at LFCC. Each short video offers answers to the most common questions, prepares the student for what to expect while taking the math placement test as well as offers test taking tips and strategies to reduce test anxiety in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Are You Ready For Your Upcoming Math Course?

The following PowerPoint slides will serve as a study aid to prepare students for their upcoming math courses. Each PowerPoint displays 10 questions that you as a student are expected to know before entering into your coursework. In the near future more PowerPoint slides will be added for other courses.

Don’t let math stand in the way of your future. Let us help.

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