Tips for Being a Successful College Student

Mastering College Homework

“Guide to Mastering College Homework.”  Online College  Online

College Courses & Classes, 2013.  Web.  2013.

For those who are intimidated by the homework workload or those who are unsure of how to proceed with assignments, this site is to the rescue!  It walks students through the homework process, encouraging and offering tips.  This is a useful site even for seasoned students.

Ten Tips for Student Success

“Ten Tips for Student Success.”  St. John’s University.  St. John’s University, 2013. 

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Take heed of these ten tips, or steps, to becoming a successful college student.  These brief, insightful steps will provide students with the knowledge and initiative to succeed in their classrooms.

Six Habits of Successful College Students

Driscoll, Emily.  “Six Habits of Successful College Students.”  Fox Business.  Fox

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Looking beyond the classroom, this article provides insight for college students to help them be successful.  This compliments many success skills highlighted in other sites.  

10 Tips for College Students

Pavlina, Steve. “10 Tips for College Students.” Steve Pavlina: Personal Development for Smart People. 8 May 2006. Web. 2014 

Beginning with “Why am I going to college?” this resource walks the viewer through a series of questions and tips to help guide him through the college experience as successfully as possible. 

Tips of Being a Successful Student

“Making the Grade: Tips on Being a Successful College Student.” Scholarship Experts. ScholarshipExperts, 2014. Web. 2014.

Focus, prioritize, sleep, and participate.  These four elements, according to this resource, will ensure success.  The site offers discussion on each of these elements and includes links to related information.

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