Test Taking Strategies

Studying and Test Taking Made Incredible Easy!

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Easy!  Springhouse, PA: Springhouse, 2000.  Print.

Teaching Test-Taking Skills: Helping Students Show What They Know

Scruggs, Thomas E.  Teaching Test-Taking Skills: Helping Students Show What They

Know.  Cambridge: Brookline, 1992.  Print.

Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips.  TestTakingTips, 2013.  Web.  2013.

This site is divided into multiple sections (including note taking, cramming techniques, reducing test anxiety, and study skills.) It also includes a link to further resources to assist with stress management and memorization.

Testing with Success

Study Guides and Strategies.  Study Guides and Strategies, n.d. Web. 2013.

Various tips, guides, and interactive exercises direct students through the testing process.  Sections include taking paper tests, taking online tests, studying tips, creating study guides, and citing information.

Math Test Taking Skills

Arem, Cynthia.  Math Test-taking Skills.  Pima Community College, n.d. Web. 2013.

 Focusing on skills required for taking math tests, this website offers step-by-step guidelines to completing a math exam successfully, beginning with receiving notice about the exam and continuing until the exam is completed.

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