Study Skills

Study Skills: A Teaching Programme for Students in Schools and Colleges

Guy, Pat.  Study Skills: A Teaching Programme for Students in Schools and Colleges. 

VCC LINC.  Virginia Community College  System, 2010.  Web. 2013.

Provided in e-book format through the LFCC library, this resource focuses on the different learning styles and how they apply to reading and comprehension, memory, writing, presentations, and exams.

The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook

Moore, Sarah, et al.  The Ultimate Study Skills HandbookVCC LINC.  Virginia

Community College System, 2010.  Web.  2013.

Another e-book available via the LFCC library site, The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook guides students from beginning to end of the studying process, offering suggestions, tips, and specialized guidance.

Math Study Skills

Resnick, William C., and David H. Heller.  “Math Study Skills.”  Learning Skills

Center.  APA, 1999.  Web.  2013.

This site offers step-by-step instructions for students who are studying mathematics.  The steps are further divided into categories: word problems, tests, and preparation.

Science Study Skills

“Science Study Skills.”  Learning Assistance and Resource Center.  Radford

University, 2013.  Web.  2013.

While this site offers study suggestions in various academic subjects, the science section is particularly useful.  Its subcategories include reading in the sciences, lab note taking, and working in a lab.

Tips for Effective Studying

“Studying for College: Study Techniques for Better Learning and Better Grades.” Studying for College. Tom Siebold, 2011. Web. 2014.

From guidance on how to take notes in class to study group sessions to studying attitudes, this resource addresses each element of the studying process.  Familiarizing with this website will assist viewers with the entire studying process from beginning to end.

Create Your Own Flashcards

Memorize. Memorize, 2014. Web. 2014.

This resource uses a free account that you create on their site.  Once created, users have access to creating “flashcards” and using the site to review and to study through the traditional flashcard process and through other methods.

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