Foreign Language Resources


501 Spanish Verbs

Kendris, Christopher and Theodore. 501 Spanish Verbs. Hauppage, NY: Barron’s

Educational Series, 2007.  Print.

This book is an excellent reference for Spanish verb conjugation. This volume features a text based learning approach and an index with cross references for model verbs.  Also included is a useful overview of grammar, including parts of speech and usage.

Spanish (sound recording)

Pimsleur, Paul. Spanish. New York: Pimsleur-Simon & Schuster, 2002. Sound


The Pimsleur Approach is designed to develop listening and speaking skills in its users through use of techniques based on Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s studies of human memory.  Utilizing the principle of Graduated Interval Recall, this program builds new linguistic frameworks within the learner’s memory.  These structures are applicable to an expanded vocabulary, and the majority of lessons are given entirely in audio format, encouraging the learner to build the core linguistic skills which must be developed in anticipation of learning to read or write.

Spanish Dictionary Online

Span¡shD!ct.  Curiosity Media, 2013.  Web.  2013.

A highly valuable resource, provides trans-lingual dictionary entries for Spanish and English.  Also offering a verb conjugator and audio lessons for pronunciation, it is an enriching website for those who want to learn more about Spanish vocabulary and its comparisons with English. The included forums are not evaluated.


StudySpanish.  Study Languages, 2013.  Web.  2013.

Having put together a grammar oriented resource with a plethora of features, the producers of this website have developed various documents detailing some of the most complex concepts faced by English speakers when learning Spanish.  The PDF downloads and grammar drills are highly useful.  This site is recommended for sequential use following Pimsleur Spanish. The forums/paid services/products are not evaluated/endorsed.

Multilingual Books

Multilingual Books.  Internet Language Company, 2013.  Web. 2013.

An excellent source for Spanish Language broadcasts, presents its users with a variety of streaming content in different dialects for the development of listening and comprehension skills.  Many broadcasts are of very high quality and provide the listener with pertinent cultural information.  Television broadcasts are also available in other languages.  The forums/paid services/products are not evaluated/endorsed.

All Foreign Languages

Word Reference

WordReference.  2013.  Web.  2013.

This website showcases bilingual dictionaries for various languages, including French, Spanish, German, and Czech.  Users can choose to view both Word Reference and Collins entries for the same word in a single search, an excellent feature for those who want to double-check their research.  The forums are not evaluated. 

Open Culture

Open Culture.  2013.  Web.  2013.

This site offers numerous sites, many with accompanying mp3 files, to 46 languages where students can learn, study, or practice foreign languages for free.  It also include English, which serves as a nice review for English classes.

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