Transition to College

How it is different from High School?

High School and College are similar in that they are both institutions of teaching and learning; they are there to educate your student.  However, there are many differences between the two as well.  Below we have a few links and information on some of the key differences:

Buying Books – Text books may or may not be covered under a student’s financial aid.  Options for buying text books are the student book store, renting the text book, or using an outside service for renting or buying.  NOTE: When using an outside company, be sure the books are in for the start of classes.

Virginia Wizard – is an online tool by Virginia Community College System for planning the following

  • Finding a Career
  • The Cost of College
  • Searching for Colleges
  • Transferring to a 4-year College or University

Testing Center – offers the placement exams for the Math and English levels of incoming students

Class Schedule – Class schedules vary by the student academic needs, when classes are offered, how many weeks the classes are offered, online vs. hybrid vs. in-person, and what campus it meets at. On the class schedule MC= Middletown Campus, FC= Fauquier Campus.

Academic Calendar – Our Fall and Spring semesters are 16 weeks (15 weeks of classes, one week of finals). Within each semester are classes also offered for 8 weeks (1st 8 weeks of the semester and 2nd 8 weeks of the semester) and classes offered for 12 weeks. The summer semester is 10 weeks, with 10 week classes, 8 week classes, and 5 week classes.

Calendar of Events – The college calendar events includes other college events.  Check out the LFCC Student Life facebook and twitter pages of for student activities, club and sports events.

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