Questions Regarding a Student’s Academic Progress

As an institution of higher education we are bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act better known as FERPA that limits what we can tell a family about their student’s academic progress.  This means that students need to give their permission for the release of information about their educational record.   (Please visit the FERPA information page for more information.) If you are concerned about your student’s academic career please have a conversation with your student.   If you would like to talk to someone at the college please contact Admissions and Records at 540-868-7110.    

The following items may be useful when talking to your student about their academics

  • Syllabus – Your student will receive a syllabus (an outline of the subjects and goals of the class) from every teacher, each semester.  Often included in the syllabus are assignment dates for the entire semester.  If a student has questions about when assignments are due, the syllabus is the best place to look first.
  • Online Learning – Classes where all of the class (online) or part of the class (hybrid) is conducted online through visual lessons, reading assignments, discussion board, and tests.
  • Academic Support – Free tutoring is available for all LFCC curriculum students in the walk-in (one-on-one or group tutoring center. ).
  • Counseling and Advising – Each student has access to Academic Counseling and Advising if they have any questions.  They can see the Counseling and Advising office or their Faculty Advisor for more information.
  • Disability Services – LFCC provides disability services for students with documented disabilities.  See the above link or the Counseling and Advising office (540-868-7110) for more information.
  • Program/Major Information – The LFCC Course Catalog contains guidelines for program requirements and course descriptions.
  • Grades – LFCC can only give the individual student access to his/her grades due to FERPA, unless a student fills out a “release of information” form with Admissions and Records office.
  • Testing Center – The testing center conducts the placement testing for math, writing, and reading. It offers various other tests, including for certifications.
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