How Do I Register for MTE courses?

  1. Click on MyLFCC (Center top page or top right LFCC homepage)

    Add username (usually initials and numbers) and password (a password personally created)

    Can’t remember: Click on New to your college: Look up username and password.

    Follow the directions in right-hand column. Print final page – keep for personal records.

  2. Click Please Log in located at bottom center of page.

    This will open “Your Tools.”

    The first item is the Canvas learning management system – a shell where all semester classes are located and, once school has started, should be checked daily.

    The second item is VCCS SIS: Student Information System – Student’s personal information and enrollment area.

  3. Click SIS:

    This will open a selection of folders; choose Student Center in far left corner.

  4. ClickSearch” top left.

    Find semester (and school of choice) and click on circle next to semester of choice.

  5. Select Subject in center type: MTE

  6. Add number below this box, to right: ie. 3

  7. Select campus: Middletown or Fauquier

  8. Click Additional Search Criteria in the green box below campus

  9. Scroll down the page to find the word Session; click open

  10. Find Five Week –First for the first five week session of the math courses. Click.

    This will open all available MTE courses for session chosen. Choose a course by clicking on the green box, select class, next to the green circle of the class chosen.

    To add the second MTE course for one semester, repeat steps one to five (1-5). Step 6: find Five Week-Second for the second five-week session. If possible, choose the same class and same teacher as chosen for the first five-week session.

    To add the third MTE course for one semester, repeat steps one to five (1-5). Step 6: find Five Week-Third for the third five-week session. If possible, choose the same class and the same teacher as chosen for the first and second five-week session.

  11. When all classes are in shopping cart, click at top center of page on words shopping cart to open another page. Move to the bottom where classes are listed and click box next to name of class.

  12. Move to bottom of shopping cart and click enroll.

  13. This will open a new screen: scroll down page and click “finish enrolling.”

    This will complete the transaction.

    Green check after course indicates class has been selected. The red “x” indicates a problem: explanation in box next to red “x.”

  14. Clickmy schedule” (center top of page) to open a list view of all subjects. This can be printed and taken to bookstore.
  1. Clickweekly view” (center top of page) to open a calendar view of classes.

    Return to student center page, locate words “your account” half way down on left-hand side of page. The fee can be paid on line at “Quikpay” in center of student center page.

    Financial aid information is located just below account information. Check periodically for confirmations or commitments.

  2. Log off student center and MYLFCC to protect personal information.

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