Intellectual Property Rights

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) adheres to the Virginia Community College System’s (VCCS) policy on intellectual property. The VCCS Intellectual Property Policy defines and identifies intellectual property as including materials that may be patented or copyrightable, and includes, but is not necessarily limited to, written materials, courseware (lectures, printed materials, images and other items delivered in a course), visual and/or recorded material, and computer related materials.

In accordance with VCCS policy, all copyrightable or patentable material belongs to the creator when done independently of LFCC or if completed with only incidental use of LFCC resources as defined by Section 12.0.3, subsection B of the VCCS Intellectual Property Policy. In cases of College-sponsored creations or anything done with “substantial” or “significant” use of College resources, LFCC retains claims on such intellectual property as outlined in Sections 12.0.3 and of the VCCS Intellectual Property Policy. If employees or students have disagreements about intellectual property rights, they may utilize the employee and student grievance procedure. While LFCC has implemented its Intellectual Property Rights Policy and it is in place, there have been no incidents in which it has had to be used.


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