Honors Program Information

The Lord Fairfax Community College Honors Program is designed to challenge students who are intellectually motivated and academically able by providing opportunities for in-depth study. A student may obtain honors credit by:

  1. Earning an A or B in a course in which he/she has successfully completed an honors component
  2. Earning an A or B in an honors seminar

Graduating students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, who have earned honors credit in at least three courses plus one honors seminar (for a total of at least 10 credits) receive the title “Honors Program Scholar”; which is designated on their transcript and diploma.   

1. Courses with Honors Components

Honors credit may be earned in any course at Lord Fairfax Community College if the course professor offers this option. Most, if not all, professors will be willing to do so. If you are interested in earning honors credit in a particular course, ask the professor about how you might do so. This should be done early in the semester.

If the professor is unsure about how to do this, ask him or her to contact one of the Honors Program Coordinators:  Brent Kendrick, Professor of English (Middletown Campus) or Nicole Martin, assistant professor of history (Fauquier Campus).

The student and professor agree on what should be done to qualify for honors credit. When this work is completed to the professor’s satisfaction and the student earns a grade of A or B on the honors project as well as in the course, the professor sends an Honors Credit Report to the Honors Program Coordinator.

Honors credit in a course is noted on the student’s transcript. As honors seminar offerings may vary from year to year, check the schedule and talk with individual seminar professors. Faculty recommendation or approval is required for enrollment for honors seminars. Students who enroll in an honors seminar but do not earn a B or better will receive “regular” credit, but no honors designation.

2. Honors Seminars

Honors seminars are offered in the fall and spring semesters at both the Fauquier and Middletown Campuses. Students must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher to enroll in an honors seminar.  See the class schedule or consult with a seminar professor for details. Students may earn credit for more than one honors seminar. A grade of A or B is required for honors credit in a seminar.

ENG 298: English Honors Seminar (three credits)

  • This seminar will meet during the spring semester at the Middletown Campus. Students who have completed their ENG 111 and 112 classes with a 3.2 GPA will receive a letter of eligibility and will be able to enroll. The 20 seats are apportioned on a first come, first served basis.           
  • Students will complete assignments involving novels, stories, articles and films structured around a specific theme. A literary paper/project will be completed and may be combined with assignments in other English classes. 
  • The mentor for most students will be those students’ regular instructors for other English classes; other students will be assigned mentors.

HUM 298: Honors Leadership Seminar (three credits)

  • This honors course meets twice per week throughout the fall semester at the Middletown Campus.
  • ENG 111 and ENG 112 are prerequisites.
  • Professor Brent  L. Kendrick and Jennifer VanCuren — certified Phi Theta Kappa leadership instructors— teach the course.  The course is designed to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. The course integrates readings from the humanities, experiential exercises, films, and contemporary readings on leadership.

HUM 198: Phi Theta Kappa Honors Studies Seminar (one credit)

  • This seminar will meet during the fall semester at the Middletown Campus and during the spring at the Fauquier Campus.
  • The seminar will explore a theme selected annually by Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges. Various assignments including readings and group discussions will be scheduled. Students will write and lead a discussion of a paper on the seminar topic.
  • Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is not required to enroll in this seminar.
  • ENG 112 is a prerequisite.

NAS 198: Science and Society Honors Seminar (one credit)

  • This seminar will meet during the spring semester at the Middletown Campus. 
  • The seminar will consider topical issues of science and technology and their social implications. Discussions will be led by various faculty members in the sciences and in the community.
  • Completion of at least one course in BIO, CHM, NAS, PHY, CSC, MTH or ADJ is a prerequisite.
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