Grading System

The grades of A, B, C, D and P are passing grades. Grades of F and U are failing grades. R and I are interim grades. Individual instructors determine criteria for letter grade assignments described in individual course syllabi.

Explanation of Grades

The quality of performance in any academic course is reported by a letter grade, assigned by the instructor. These grades denote the character of study and are assigned quality points as follows:

  • A  Excellent – 4 grade points per credit

  • B  Good – 3 grade points per credit

  • C  Average – 2 grade points per credit

  • D  Pass – 1 grade point per credit

  • F Failure – 0 grade points per credit

  • I Incomplete – No grade point credit.

The “I” grade is to be used only for verifiable unavoidable reasons that a student is unable to complete a course within the normal course time. To be eligible to receive an “I” grade, the student must (1) have satisfactorily completed more than 60% of the course requirements and (2) must request the faculty member to assign the “I” grade and indicate why it is warranted. The faculty member has the discretion to decide whether the “I” grade will be awarded. Since the “incomplete” extends enrollment in the course, requirements for satisfactory completion shall be established through consultation between the faculty member and the student. In assigning the “I” grade, the faculty member must complete documentation that (1) states the reason for assigning the grade; (2) specifies the work to be completed and indicates its percentage in relation to the total work of the course; (3) specifies the date by which the work must be completed; and (4) identifies the default grade (B, C, D, F, P, R, or U) based upon course work already completed. Completion dates may not be set beyond the subsequent semester (to include summer term) without written approval of the Chief Academic Officer of the campus. The student will be provided a copy of the documentation. College will establish procedures to ensure that all “I” grades that have not been changed by the faculty member through the normal grade change processes are subsequently changed to the default grade assigned by the faculty member. An “I” grade will be changed to a “W” only under documented mitigating circumstances which must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer of the campus.

P Pass
No grade point credit. Applies only to Non- developmental studies courses. Pass grades carry academic credit but are not included within GPA calculations. A maximum of seven semester credit hours from courses for which the P grade has been awarded may be applied toward completion of a degree, diploma or certificate.

R Re-enroll
No grade point credit; the “R” grade may be used as a grade option, in developmental and ESL courses only, to indicate satisfactory progress toward meeting course objectives. In order to complete course objectives, students receiving an “R” grade must re-enroll in the course and pay the specified tuition.

S Satisfactory
No grade point credit. Indicating satisfactory completion of course objectives, this is used only for developmental studies courses numbered 01–09 and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses numbered 11–16.

U Unsatisfactory
No grade point credit (applies to developmental studies courses numbered 01–09 and ESL courses numbered 11–16).

W Withdrawal
No credit. A grade of withdrawal indicates an official withdrawal from a course after the last date to be eligible for a refund.

X Audit
Student desiring to attend a course without taking the examination or receiving credit for the course may do so by registering to audit through the usual registration process and paying the normal tuition. Permission of the division dean or another appropriate academic administrator is required to audit a course.

Audited courses carry no credit and do not count as a part of the student’s course load. Students desiring to change status in a course from audit to credit or from credit to audit must do so within the add/drop period for the course.

Students who desire to earn credit for a previously audited course must re-enroll in the course for credit and pay normal tuition to earn a grade other than “X”. Advanced standing credit should not be awarded for a previously audited course.

(D Academic Renewal
(F) Academic Renewal
No credit.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned in courses by the total number of credits attempted. The cumulative GPA includes all courses attempted. When students repeat a course, only the last grade earned is counted in the computation of the cumulative GPA and for satisfying curricular requirements.

Grading—Developmental Studies Courses

A grade of S is assigned for satisfactory completion of developmental studies courses numbered 1–9 and ESL courses. S grades are not included in GPA calculation.

Students making satisfactory progress but not completing all of the instructional objectives for a developmental studies course or an ESL course will be graded with an R (re-enroll) and must re-enroll to complete the course objectives.

Students not making satisfactory progress in a developmental studies course or an ESL course will be graded U. Students should consult with the instructor to determine the subsequent sequence of courses for students receiving a grade of U.

Grade Reports

Grade reports are available to students by the published date each semester. Students must access the student information system to view their grade report.

Grade Appeal Policy

Evaluation of student performance, reflected in the final course grade, becomes a part of the permanent student record of the College and is recorded on the College transcript for the student. Based upon factors relating to the achievement of course objectives, this grade is assessed by the instructor according to the policies of the College, and is considered final, unless a student files an appropriate appeal in a timely manner.

When a student believes that a final grade has been determined incorrectly, the student must file a written report with the instructor (with a copy to the instructor’s dean) identifying specifically the reason(s) for the appeal and including any supporting documentation. This written report (with a copy to the instructor’s dean) must be filed with the instructor as soon as possible but no later than 10 business days after the first day of class of the next regular (fall/spring) semester. Within 10 business days following receipt of the appeal, the instructor will communicate the decision about whether or not to change the grade, and if so, the new grade, to the student in writing with a copy to the dean.

If the matter is not mutually resolved within 10 business days after notification of the instructor’s decision, the student may appeal to the appropriate dean by submitting a written request for a review of the case at a formal hearing of the student, the instructor and the dean. The dean’s response to the appeal will be issued within 10 business days of the formal hearing. The decision of the dean will be considered final and binding.

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