Change of Registration

Dropping, Adding and Withdrawing from Courses

Students must follow established procedures for making any changes in their courses after registration. Failure to do so could place their academic records in jeopardy.

Adding Courses

Students are allowed to register late or add courses only through the end of the published dates.

An exception occurs when a student enrolled in a math course is recommended by that math faculty member to:

  • add developmental math
  • drop the credit math and add developmental math or
  • change to a higher or lower level math course.

Such an exception is permitted through the last day of classes of the fourth week of each semester. A similar practice is used for English courses.

Dropping a Course

A student wishing to drop a course must complete the drop electronically through the student information system or in the Admissions and Records Office by the published last date to qualify for a refund for the particular course. This transaction removes the student from the class roll and no grade is assigned.

Withdrawal (from a course or the College)

A withdrawal from a course is required after the published last date to drop the course with refund. An enrollment request form requesting the withdrawal must be completed and signed by the student. The course professor’s signature, or appropriate dean when the professor is not available, is required to withdraw from a course(s). If a student chooses to withdraw from all courses, a counselor’s signature is required. Students must not rely on a verbal statement as evidence of withdrawal. The withdrawal request becomes effective the date received in the Admissions and Records Office and must be processed before the published last date to withdraw for the course.

As described above, a student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty through the published withdrawal date for the course, a period equivalent to the first 60 percent of a term (session) and receive a grade of W. After that time, the student receives a grade of F.

An exception can be considered when the following two conditions exist:

  • there are serious mitigating circumstances such as medical emergencies or other extreme conditions (as determined by the College)
  • the student is passing at the time of the effective date of withdrawal

The mitigating circumstances must be documented by the student and presented with the request to withdraw. If approved, the student may receive a grade of W. A copy of the documentation will be filed in the Admissions and Records Office and retained according to records retention policy.

*Financial aid students are strongly advised to meet with a financial aid officer prior to requesting a withdrawal.

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