Office Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies


The following is a description of current program requirements. Students who enrolled previously should consult the catalog for the year in which they began the program, and/or their advisor.


Office Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies Certificate


Three semesters (one-year) program*


With an increasing demand for paralegals and office legal assistants in professional offices, corporations and businesses, this certificate will prepare individuals for full-time employment upon completion of the community college program. The program is beneficial for individuals who are seeking first-time employment, career advancement or paralegal certification.

Occupational Objectives

legal assistant or paralegal

Program Requirements

This program prepares the student to fill legal assistant and paralegal positions and provides fundamental knowledge and skills associated with legal research and documentation of that research. The curriculum includes courses in family law, real estate law, civil and criminal law, legal ethics and legal research. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the graduate will be awarded a certificate in office legal assistant/paralegal studies.

*This certificate can be completed in three semesters (one year) if the following conditions are met:

Placement Tests indicate readiness to enroll in ENG 111 and Reading Prerequisite classes.

Students are willing to enroll in day and evening classes.

Students enroll in required LGL prefix classes offered each semester (courses are

offered once a year,).

Students with no keyboarding skill or limited computer skill must enroll in AST 101 or AST 102 or AST 141 prior to admission to program.

Grades of C or better are earned in each course completed.

Additional courses to enhance employment opportunities may include: (if 12 credits needed each semester)

BUS 241 and/or 242 Business Law I/II
LGL 130 Law Office Administration and Management
LGL 216 Trial Preparation and Discovery Practice
LGL 218 Criminal Law
LGL 235 Legal Aspects of Business Organizations
LGL 225 Estate Planning
SPA 101/102 Spanish I/II

Note: Internship opportunities and a national certification exam may be available to certificate students/graduates.

Gainful Employment Information

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.” The information provided here is the best available to us. We hope that this information is helpful to our current students and to prospective students as they make their career and educational choices

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