Information Systems Technology

The IST Program consists of a number of career studies options that focus on a specific career field in information technology (IT). These programs are best suited for individuals who already hold a degree and want to change careers or who seek advancement in their current field.

The career studies certificates listed here provide students opportunities to gain skills in designing, building, testing and maintaining Web pages, links and interfaces to Web enabled applications; designing, implementing, troubleshooting and maintaining databases; and/or designing, installing, administering and repairing computer networks.

Before entering a career studies program, students should have a strong foundation in using computer applications (reference the ITE 115 course description in the back of the College catalog). Students should also have a strong foundation in computer concepts to include database fundamentals, Internet and networking fundamentals, operating systems, software design and computer hardware troubleshooting prior to beginning the program. This foundation can be obtained by completing the core IST courses which include ITD 110, ITD 130, ITE 120, ITN 109, ITP 100 and ITN 106 (reference the course descriptions in the back of the College catalog).

Additional information about the LFCC IST Program

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