Emergency Medical Services


Emergency Medical Services:

Science & Health Professions


Associate of Applied Science EMS Degree


Five semester program


The curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge base and skill required to prepare the student to function as an “entry-level” Paramedic. Successful performance in this program qualifies the student to take the Virginia EMT-Enhanced and National Registry EMT-Intermediate ’99 and Paramedic exams.

Occupational Objectives

 To operate as an “entry-level” Paramedic

Transfer Guidelines

Transfer opportunities are limited.  Students interested in transfer should contact a counselor or their faculty advisor early in the program.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. Attend a mandatory EMS orientation session with instructor
  2. Be at least 18 at start of program
  3. Completion of LFCC placement tests in mathematics, reading and writing (if required), and must show competency in MTE 1-6.
  4. High school graduate or GED
  5. Satisfy admission requirements for LFCC
  6. Current Virginia or National Registry EMT-Basic certification or higher  (must remain current for duration of program)
  7. Current Healthcare Provider CPR Certification or other CPR card accepted by the Commonwealth of VA Office of EMS (must remain current for duration of program)
  8. No physical limitations rendering the student unfit to perform all required duties
  9. Satisfy the job requirement duties for EMT as set out in the Mid-Atlantic EMS Council Job Description for EMT
  10. To complete the Clinical and Field Internship portions of the program, submit results of a physical exam completed within the last 12 months as proof of immunizations or resistance to measles, mumps, rubella, Tdap, polio, Hepatitis B Vaccination, and TB Skin test within the last12 months.  If PPD is positive, submit results of chest x-ray showing negative for active TB.
  11. Must show competency in MTE 1-6 and ENG 111 to satisfy requirements without taking remediation.
  12. Residents from outside the Lord Fairfax Community Service Area are admitted only after all applicants who reside in the College service area have been considered.


The EMS program at LFCC is fully accredited by the Virginia Office of EMS

LFCC does not offer the courses for EMT-Basic (i.e. EMS 111 & 120).  Potential applicants should contact the Lord Fairfax EMS Council at (540) 665-0014 for information on EMT-B certification courses offered in this region.

Admission / Program Requirements

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