LFCC takes great pride in employing highly qualified faculty, and the Information Systems Technology Program is no exception. LFCC employs full-time and adjunct faculty, all of whom possess many years of teaching and business-based experiences in information technology.

Educational backgrounds of these individuals include a doctoral degree in information technology; master’s degrees in business administration, computer science, education, information systems, mathematics, operations research, program management and technology of management; and bachelor’s degrees in economics and electronic engineering technology.

Click the links below for brief bios for faculty members:

Full-time faculty

Adjunct faculty

  • Aaron Kenneth Blackwell
  • Diana Bohuslov
  • Russell Brown
  • Judy Cain
  • Gabriel Daniels
  • Barbara Gray
  • George Mel Hurley
  • Kathleen Jane Milburn
  • Brian Kissick
  • Gene Loranger
  • Kyle McGlotten
  • David Powell
  • Alex Seminario
  • Jayden Sibert
  • Rebecca Sue Stephens
  • Mark Sunderlin
  • Pauline Waller
  • Marc Woolverton
  • John Young, Jr.
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