IST Overview

IST Curriculum Advising

A new advising tool designed specifically for IT students has been created at LFCC. It is a Blackboard “organization.” An organization in Blackboard is similar to your class sites within Blackboard, but it contains specific information regarding the IT curriculum that you may find useful.

We will be using this tool to provide advising services to students in one of the IT programs (degree or certificate). This site will also serve as a place to provide announcements and other important details for our students. You may already be enrolled in this organization.

To access it, log onto your Blackboard account. On the Blackboard’s main page, look beneath the group of “My Courses” for a group called “My Organizations.” You will see an organization titled: “Information Systems Technology Curriculum.” Click on the link and explore!

If you are not enrolled, follow these simple steps to self-enroll:

Self-Enroll Instructions: 

  1. Log into Blackboard 
  2. Click the following link or copy-and-paste into your Web browser’s address bar: 
  3. In the Self Enrollment Screen Click Submit
  4. A Self Enrollment window will appear stating Action Successful
  5. Click OK to Continue to the Organization
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