GET: Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Specialization

The following is a description of current program requirements. Students who enrolled previously should consult the catalog for the year in which they began the program, and/or their advisor.


General Engineering Technology: Computer-Aided Drafting Specialization


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Four semesters (two-year) program


Skills in computer-aided drafting (CAD) are increasingly valuable and sought in the workplace. This curriculum is designed to provide a thorough preparation in drafting, emphasizing the use of computers and, in particular, computer-aided design and drafting. Communication skills and problem-solving skills are also emphasized, both of which are critical to success in the workplace. This program is particularly valuable for those who wish to gain employment in technical support careers or for those who need to upgrade skills within their current fields.

Occupational Objectives

CAD operator, CAD technician, drafting technician, engineer’s aid or other related positions

Transfer Guidelines

Although this program is not designed as a transfer program, it does include many courses which will transfer into engineering technology programs at select four-year institutions. This allows students who eventually develop a desire to transfer the opportunity to transfer about two-thirds or more of the credit earned. How much credit is actually transferable depends on the transfer institution selected. Students should work closely with their advisors if and when they develop an interest in transferring.

Program Requirements

This curriculum integrates courses in civil engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, drafting, architecture, computer programming and general education. Students entering the program must have algebra I and geometry skills, or be willing to improve those skills through developmental studies. Technical electives should be selected in consultation with an assigned advisor. Upon satisfactory completion of the curriculum, graduates will be awarded the associate of applied science degree in general engineering technology with a computer-aided drafting specialization. Transfer opportunities for associate of applied science degrees, if existing, are very specific in nature. Students enrolling in an applied science degree with plans to transfer should explore opportunities with their faculty advisor.

Tech Prep Students

Tech Prep students may be eligible to earn credit for work completed in high school under existing articulation agreements. Students are encouraged to work with their advisors to avoid duplication of course work completed in high school. Students wishing to graduate with all Tech Prep competencies should select RC 121 and ARC 122 as technical electives. Students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate program should work with their advisors to select appropriate calculus courses.

For more information, contact:

Bill Lewis
Assistant Professor
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