Bring your Passion to the Future. Become a Teacher.

Lord Fairfax Community College hosts Career Switchers, a fast-track, alternative licensure program offered through EducateVA a statewide initiative to address critical shortages in the teaching profession throughout the state, allowing you to bring your dream of teaching into reality.

With the appropriate qualifications, EducateVA can help you become a licensed teacher in the state of Virginia, while maintaining your current job and responsibilities! 

Using a combination of online and on-site instruction, you can complete the teaching certification program within 16 weeks, with six Saturdays required on-site.

Hundreds of people just like you have used EducateVA’s Career Switcher program and are either actively teaching or in the process of obtaining their Virginia teaching license.

EducateVA has a proven track record and success in education, teaching, teacher education, teacher training, teaching careers, teaching jobs, teaching in Virginia, teaching as a second career, and high school teaching requirements, so please contact EducateVA today for more information or to begin the process.


___Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

___Five or more years of full-time work experience

___Content area expertise, with a GPA of 2.5 or better in applicable courses

___Required assessments

___Criminal background check

___Do not currently have a Provisional License or expired Provisional License from the VDOE or a teaching license from any other state. 


___Complete the 16-week Level One program, which includes 30 hours of classroom experience

___Teach successfully with a provisional license for one full year prior to being recommended for a full five-year renewable teaching license

___Complete Level Two of the program during the one-year provisional period, which includes Saturday sessions and online training

Career SwitcherEndorsement Areas

  • Middle School Mathematics (6-8)
  • Middle School Science (6-8)
  • Middle School English/Lang. Arts (6-8)
  • Mathematics (6-12) 
  • English (6-12)
  • Biology (6-12)
  • Chemistry (6-12)
  • Earth Science (6-12)
  • Physics (6-12)
  • Foreign Languages (K-12)
  • English as a Second Language (K-12)

Additional information and an application available at EducateVA.

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