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What’s Next?

Congratulations on completing your GED or English Language program!

Now What?

That can be a tough question for some people! Find your right fit by exploring these resources:

Explore what careers might be a good fit for you by taking the Virginia Education Wizard Interest, Values and Skills Assessment.

The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook provides insight to many different occupations, along with required education, pay, and job outlook information.

For more personal and career assessments, visit the LFCC Career Exploration page!

Do you already know what career is right for you?

Lord Fairfax and Workforce Solutions offer Degree, Certificate and Credential programs to help you reach that goal!


Career Training Programs

We are proud to offer Career Training Programs for both Adult Education and English language learners! These programs offer targeted instruction in a specific industry and are designed to prepare students to enter a degree or credential program. Some programs we have offered include:

  • Allied Health Preparation – The Healthcare industry is growing daily, and well-trained employees are in demand! This program is specifically structured to prepare students who have a diploma or are almost finished with a GED, to enter a medical training program. The class helps students improve academic, computer, and work readiness skills in order to complete a degree or credential and enter into successful employment in Healthcare.
  • Trades – The Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing trades are always needed, especially in our region! Students who complete training enter into employment with local and regional companies, many taking advantage of Apprenticeship opportunities. The class helps students improve academic (with a math focus), computer, and work readiness skills in order to complete a degree or credential and enter into successful employment in one of the Trades professions. 
  • ESL Medical Prep – This English as a Second Language class prepares speakers of other languages with the English medical terminology necessary to enter a medical degree or credential program. While working to improve their speaking, reading, listening and writing, students are exposed to body systems and industry terminology. Upon completion of the class, students enter into a medical training program.

Contact us to find out what programs are currently being offered!

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