Office of the President

LFCC’s Fifth President – Dr. Kimberly Blosser

dr blosserDr. Blosser is a passionate supporter of the comprehensive community college mission. She was the first in her family to attend college and took the path that many students take, which was to begin at a four-year university. Also like many students, she found herself unsure of her major and her future career. As a result, she moved back home and started taking classes at a local community college. There, she found faculty dedicated to helping students succeed and staff who were welcoming and supportive.

The community college was where she found her focus, and like so many other students, it was where she learned the skills needed to be successful in higher education. Because of her own personal experience and the difference community colleges make in students’ lives, she has dedicated nearly 20 years to Virginia’s Community Colleges. Seeing the impact community colleges make in families and communities affirms that this is where Dr. Blosser wants to spend the rest of her professional career.

In Dr. Blosser’s nearly 20-year career in community colleges, she has been an adjunct faculty member, a full-time teaching faculty, served as a program lead for the information systems technology program, was elected faculty senate chair, served as a Dean over Math, Physical Sciences, and Technology, served as the chief information officer, became an associate vice president overseeing instructional programs, has chaired SACSCOC reaffirmation efforts, and is currently a chief academic officer.

Statewide, Dr. Blosser serves as a member of the Advisory Committee on Dual Enrollment and the General Education Transfer Committee established by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. She is also a member of the Standards of Learning Innovation Committee established by the Governor of Virginia, and led by the Office of the Secretary of Education. Locally, Dr. Blosser is a member of LFCC Educational Foundation’s Executive Committee for the Luray-Page County Center’s Capital Campaign, is a member of the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee for Page County Public Schools, is a Board Member of the Luray-Page County Chamber of Commerce, and serves as a Board Member for the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council. She also attends meetings and supports the many initiatives of the Valley Health – Health Sciences Partnership and the LFCC Career Pathways Consortium.

Outside of her academic career, Dr. Blosser is proud to be the mom of two sons, Will and Luke. She and her husband, Patrick, reside in Page County, where she has spent many years as a member of parent-teacher organizations, volunteering at her sons’ elementary school, helping coach youth sports teams, and serving on and helping fundraise for youth sports organizations.

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