Security Training

Global Learning Systems

As a department we have decided to move on from the SANS training and start to utilize a new system called Global Learning Systems. With Global Learning Systems we hope to provide a better quality of cyber security training to our users to better prepare them for current and future threats. With more and more phishing and social engineering attacks coming in each day, you as an end user are more important than ever in spotting and stopping these attacks.

As always, if you see an email that you think is suspicious, please contact IT and we would be more than happy to take a look at it. When you report emails, we are able to block them and make sure they cannot get through to anyone else. As a note, if IT will be making any big announcements that you will receive by email it will come from [email protected]. Any other email claiming to be from IT you can consider a phishing attempt. If you believe the email is a phishing attempt, please forward the email to one of the people above so that we can get it blocked.

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