Graphic Design and Visual Media Services

Graphic design and visual media services are provided through the Office of Technology Services. Among those services provided are:

Publication Design – creation and of brochures, postcards, booklets, posters, flyers and many more publication types. Advice on the best method of having the publication printed can also be provided.

Photography – professional digital photography coverage for any type of college / community event or other need such as portraits, headshots, etc.

Video Production – storyboarding, filming, and editing to create professional high-quality promotional videos for the College.

Logo Design – conceptualization and design of logos for a variety of organizations, themes, special events or other needs.

Templates – creation and design of publication or signage templates for Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Plasma Screens – design, formatting, updating and publishing of the plasma screen signage located at the Fauquier and Middletown Campuses.

Exterior Signage Requests – updating and publishing of the exterior signage displays located at the Fauquier and Middletown Campuses. Use this form to request a posting to the exterior signage.

Mass Mailing Services – assistance with mailing bulk or large amounts of publications through the United States Postal Service.

If you have a design or visual media request, please contact:

Aaron Riddle
Aaron Riddle
Print and Web Manager
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