FAQ – Remove Local Administrative Rights

What is Administrative Rights Used For?

Local computer administrative rights are used to install or remove hardware and software, as well as for making certain computer system setting changes.

Will my existing software still work?

In most cases, all of the software on your computer will still work without administrative rights.  There may be a few exceptions of software that may require administrative rights and those few exceptions can be addressed as they are reported to the Technology Services Department via an on-line work request.

Your standard office supported software has been tested with no administrative rights.  There should not be any disruption to your typical computer resources.

What if I find out that I need administrative rights to run specific software on my office computer?

Contact the Technology Services via the on-line work order system.  An alternative solution will be found to meet your business related software needs.

If I do not have administrative rights, how will I make system changes or install hardware and software?

Typically, the installation of hardware and software on office computers is standardized and there should be no need to install additional hardware or software.  However, if you find that additional hardware or software is needed in the future you should submit an on-line work order to the Technology Services Department.

What can I do on my office computer without administrative rights?

You should be able to perform all the computer related functions you have been performing.  You will be able to:

  • Run most software programs
  • Change the screen wallpaper or background.
  • Change your screen saver preferences.
  • Change your screen resolution.
  • Personalize your Favorites and other Preferences in your web browser.
  • Add and remove printers.
  • Delete files and empty the recycle bin.
  • Update your anti-virus definitions (this process is typically automated).
  • Utilize USB thumb drives that are college owned.
  • Create, modify, or delete folders and files.
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