T.A.C. is a large company contracted by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to provide energy saving ideas and services to the community colleges. Lord Fairfax has invested over $250,000 in new heating and air conditioning units and controls to provide a climate that is acceptable to its students, faculty and guests during operating hours. During periods of inactivity, the system will run only to maintain minimum temperatures throughout the buildings to reduce the amount of energy being used. Energy savings thus far have averaged over $10,000 per month since the installation. TAC environmental controls have been added to the Fauquier Campus and the Alson H. Smith Jr. Technology Center. LFCC is committed to saving energy and reducing its energy bills. It is a necessity that everyone including students, staff, faculty and administration look for additional opportunities to conserve energy.

Project Status Active Project
Implemented February, 2005
Guaranteed Annual Savings $23,798
Total Energy Savings to Date $90,969 thru January 2010
Total Guaranteed Savings to Date $55,529 thru January 2010

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