Forest Management and Natural Resource Conservation

In 1991, 13,500 loblolly pine trees were planted within 25 acres of land situated on the north end of the LFCC Middletown Campus. From 1991 through 2008, the Virginia Department of Forestry, has been reviewing the growth and care of these trees and making recommendations toward preserving the forested area. The growth rate of the trees averages 1 inch in diameter every three years and there have been no problems with insects or diseases.

Within the forested area, there is a spring and interconnecting stream which feeds the College’s pond.  This riparian/wetland area is used by the Biology department as a study area.  In addition, the Biology department maintains a series of wildlife housing (bird and bat boxes) and a rain garden.  It is the department’s hope to create more rain gardens in this area to help mitigate surface runoff with any new additions of buildings or parking areas.

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