Conservation and Cost Savings Measures

Savings Measures

The recent budget challenges have led many state agencies, including Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC), to make changes to normal operating practices and spending. While the College administration is working diligently to tackle these financial challenges, there are many ways that you – the College community – can help to conserve College resources.

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Turn off lights when leaving an office or classroom.
  • Turn off computers, monitors and other electronic devices at the end of the day.
  • Eliminate personal appliances (microwaves, refrigerators space heaters).

    Note: Due to varying building temperatures, it may be necessary to dress warmer than usual. Severe extremes in temperatures are a maintenance issue and should be reported to the Facilities and Administrative Coordinator.

  • Refrain from using handicapped door openers unless required by need.

Reducing Printing Consumables

  • Use projector capabilities to display classroom/meeting information versus using printed materials. If an attendee wishes to have a copy of the materials, send an electronic version via email.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Make scrap paper by cutting excess paper into self-made notepads.
  • Using systems such as Canvas and the intranet to house documents for easy retrieval by many users.
  • Use the scan to e-mail feature. Several of the College’s copiers can create a PDF or TIFF file that can be sent through e-mail, so no paper is needed.
  • Recycle binding rings – Send discarded books to the Printing Services Office and the Printing Services staff will remove the binding rings and recycle them. Removing the rings on your own may cause damage to the rings. Please allow one of the Printing Services staff members assist you.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

  • Plan trips carefully. Combine short trips into one if possible.
  • Carpool with other individuals traveling to the same location.
  • Use video teleconferencing whenever possible to avoid unnecessary trips between College locations.
  • Telecommute if suitable for job duties and with supervisor approval.

Other ways the College may seek to reduce costs:

  • Use flextime to provide office coverage instead of overtime.
  • Adjust light bulbs and temperature settings.
  • Reduce travel.
  • Reduce printed publications.
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