Small Purchase Card (PCard)

The Virginia Department of Accounts supervises administration of the Small Purchase Card (PCard) Program allowing state agencies and institutions to use credit cards for paying for goods and services. Each agency must name a Purchase Card Administrator as the lead for the program; for LFCC that individual is the Purchasing Officer. Each agency is required to pay as many invoices as possible using the PCard, and vendors can direct bill the credit card.

Supervisors must officially request the issuance of a PCard to an employee. The employee agrees to take responsibility for the safe keeping and proper use of the card. Thresholds for single transaction and monthly total limits for the cardholder are determined by the supervisor and the Purchasing Officer together. Annual certification of the thresholds and the card holders is conducted, as well as annual training for both the cardholders and the supervisors/approvers.

All cardholders are required to keep a daily log of their individual transactions. At the end of each credit card billing cycle, the daily transactions are entered into a Monthly Credit Card Statement, which is then reconciled with the official invoice from the credit card company.

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