Frequently Asked Questions About Procurement

What is eVA?
eVA is a Web-based purchasing system used by Virginia government state agencies, colleges, universities, and many local governments to announce solicitations, invite bidders, receive quotes and place orders for goods and services.
What is s Small Purchase Card (PCard)?
A Small Purchase Card is a state issued credit card which allows the authorized card holder to pay for goods and services which support the daily operations of the state agency.
How do I get a Small Purchase Card?
Only individuals that have been assigned the responsibility to procure goods and services for the College are issued state credit cards. The appropriate supervisor must request the issuance of a purchase card to an employee. The Purchase Officer will supply a form for the supervisor to complete and then to be signed by both the supervisor and the employee. The Purchasing Officer will electronically submit the request for issuance of the credit card. Once issued a credit card, the responsible individual is required to sign a memorandum of agreement that the card will be used only to purchase goods or services related to their job. All card holders receive an annual review for compliance, training, and viability.
For what items can purchasing cards be used?
Purchasing cards are used to pay for any good or service (under $5,000), that is in direct support of the daily operations of the College. The Small Purchase Card cannot be used for hotel rooms, travel, food, or personal use.
What should I do if I lose my Small Purchase Card?
If a Small Purchase Card is lost or stolen, the Small Purchase Card Administrator must be contacted as soon as possible to report the missing card. At LFCC, the Small Purchase Card Administrator is the Purchasing Officer.
Who can enter into contractual agreements?
No one other than the VPFAS and the LFCC Purchasing Officer have the authority to sign any contractual agreement for the College.
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