Employees may occasionally find a need to travel for meetings, for professional development, or for other business needs. The Commonwealth of Virginia has specific guidelines for traveling on official state business.

LFCC has a new comprehensive tool for all travel reimbursements. Chrome River is a one-stop shop that allows LFCC employees to manage travel pre-approvals, track expense reports, run reports and submit travel expense reimbursement in the most cost-effective, timely and efficient manner possible.



Employees must follow Commonwealth of Virginia State Travel Guidelines for all travel.

LFCC utilizes Chrome River, a comprehensive software tool for management of travel pre-approvals and expense reports.  It is accessed with your MyLFCC login credentials.  A link to a comprehensive training video, as well as other helpful links may be found immediately upon sign-on.

Each travel event, with the exception of mileage-only travel, requires a Pre-Approval Report through the Chrome River system in advance.  Immediately upon return from the preapproved trip, you must file an Expense Report in order to receive full reimbursement.  Please see the Travel Guidelines and Chrome River for further direction.


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