Frequently Asked Questions About Business Meals

What are the rules for business meals?
  • Business Meals must be approved in advance by the supervisor.
  • Rates should not exceed the amount shown for the applicable meal in the rate table of the state travel regulations. 
  • The supervisor can approve meals exceeding the rate, but the amount cannot be over 50 percent of the allowable rate as stated in the rate table of the state travel regulations.
  • An original, itemized receipt must be attached to the reimbursement request or invoice.
What do I have to do to order a business meal?
  1. Complete the “Request to Purchase Official Business Meals” form. This form can be found on the LFCC intranet under Forms and Publications/Forms/Office of Financial and Administrative Services/Business Office. All information requested must be provided.
  2. If the meal is catered, process the request though eVA.
  3. After the meal, submit list of actual attendees and an original, itemized receipt or invoice with the approved meal request form to the Business Office for reimbursement or payment.
Can I order food from anywhere I want?
No. Catered business meals are subject to procurement guidelines andmust be processed through eVA.
Am I allowed to take a client off campus for lunch?
Yes. Complete the “Request to Purchase Official Business Meals” form prior to going off campus and obtain approval for the meal. Be sure to obtain an original, itemized receipt to attach to the reimbursement request.
What is not allowable?
The general rule is business meals are not allowed when only agency employees participate. However, circumstances may be such that a business meal involving only employees is justified. 
In addition, snacks, refreshments, alcoholic beverages and food for agency-sponsored events which do not clearly support the agency mission such as farewell events are not allowable with state funds.
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