As enrollment soars to record highs at the Fauquier Campus, LFCC’s administration and the VCCS are investing in planned maintenance and necessary repairs to Wolk Hall. These efforts will fortify the campus as we continue to grow and expand our programming. In addition, VDOT has already begun improvements to the 29/17 interchange, which will result in safer and quicker travel to the campus. Additional information for the maintenance and improvement projects can be found below. Check back often for updates.

It is an exciting time to be a part of LFCC and we are glad you have joined us in Your Future, Under Construction.

Current Projects


To improve the safety of the 29/17 interchange, VDOT has embarked on a major construction project including an overpass with roundabouts on either side. Additional information for this project can be found by clicking on the links below.


The roof replacement on Wolk Hall is approximately 75% complete.  The work on the east side of the building continues with project completion anticipated about the end of January.  This work results in a moderate level of noise.  If you have questions or concerns, please let us know by clicking the Q&A icon below or stopping by the front desk.


Repairs to the plumbing began in December and are expected to be substantially concluded by January 13th.  Classes will begin according to schedule.  Please check your class schedule for start dates.  In addition, the Fauquier Campus bookstore is planning to re-open on January 13th.  Textbooks may also be purchased online or by visiting the Middletown bookstore.  If you need assistance with classes or textbooks, please call 540-351-1505 or stop by the front desk.

Please Note: Bookstore operations will be limited during this time. Fall 2019 Textbook rentals are due by 4:00PM on December 17. For additional details, please visit

In the Planning Stages

Stay tuned…

Construction Tour

Check out some photos of our most recent construction tour:

Have a question, need clarification, or have suggestions for us regarding our campus projects? Click the Q&A icon above.

FAQs About Construction at Fauquier Campus

Click on a question below to view the answer.

How will I find out if the campus isn't opening back up on time for class start dates?

Up to the minute updates on repairs, class schedules and any other information related to the facility repairs can be found on our college website at If we anticipate any delay in opening or change to class location, etc. we will post updates on this website and recommend students check it frequently in the days before your class is scheduled to start.

Are there any other projects that might make noise during classes?

The roof repairs might have some periods of time that are scheduled during class, though we will work to minimize these times. If you have concerns with noise, please talk to your instructor or stop by the Front Desk.

I hear people saying “COOP”. What in the world is “COOP”?

If you have been hearing “COOP” and wonder what that means, it is an acronym for Continuity of Operations Plan. Basically, these plans ensure that in case of any type of disruption to normal operations, the functions of the college will continue. The closure of a building for a period of time fits this definition and thus the plumbing repair is being referred to as a COOP. Extended weather closures and widespread illnesses are additional reasons a COOP might be activated. For additional information regarding LFCC’s COOP plans, visit our website at And to ensure you are always kept informed regarding unexpected closings, please sign up for the LFCC Alert System if you have not already.

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