Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to protect and to serve the campus community ensuring that Lord Fairfax Community College is a safe and desirable place to learn, work or visit.

We accomplish this through excellence in preventative, investigative, and enforcement services based on the community-policing model that develops and values community partnerships.


Campus Police seek to achieve and maintain a safe and secure learning environment as the college provides exemplary educational opportunities to our students enriching our communities.


Campus Police share the same values of LFCC along with placing an emphasis on our core values of Service, Integrity, Diversity and Courage

Service to students, staff and community is at the heart of why we exist.  Certainly, it comes in the form of what most think of, when it comes to police services such as, patrolling campus, investigating reports of crime, responding to emergencies and enforcing the law.  However, campus police provide many other services as well including, issuing student IDs, parking permits, safety escorts, unlocking and jumpstarting vehicles, giving safety presentations and enhancing emergency preparedness just to name a few.  

Integrity is more than just honesty, it is doing what we say we will do, which is crucial to gaining the trust and confidence of our community.  Officers are held to a high standard when it comes to integrity.

Diversity is recognized and valued and we are committed to fair, equitable, and ethical application of the law and campus code of conduct.

Courage is a trait expected in all campus police officers and whether it is physical or moral courage we stand ready ever responding to threats to campus safety, and emergencies, so our community will be and feel safe.















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