Emergency Communication

Effective communication is critical to the proper handling of emergency situations. The Emergency Response Team (ERT) at Lord Fairfax Community College has established the following systems in order to communicate quickly and effectively with the staff, faculty, and students during an emergency:

  • Notifications
    • E-mail
    • ERC/ERT
    • Plasma Screens (Visual/Sound Warnings)
    • LFCC ALERT(text messages: e-mail, cell phones, pagers)
    • Public Address System/Mega Phone
    • Radio
    • Contact Trees
  • Visual Aids
    • Classroom Guides for Emergency Routes/Safe Haven
    • Threat level Reference Guides (Procedures)
    • ADA Compliant Devices (Flashing Lights)
  • Emergency Action Instructions
    • LFCC Crisis Communication Plan
    • LFCC Continuity of Operations Plan
    • Guide for Emergency Action Response

In the event of an actual emergency, the ERT will work closely with the Crisis Communication Team to deliver information internally and externally in a quick and professional manner.

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