Continuity of Operations (COOP)

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management defines COOP as “The effort to assure that the capability exists to continue essential agency functions across a wide range of potential emergencies. Essentially, the process of maintaining the business of government.”

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) has developed a COOP plan that will provide for the continuity of the College’s critical operations for up to 30 days. The primary mission of LFCC is education, and continuity of instructional programs is the essence of LFCC’s mission. In addition, LFCC must provide for payroll and human resource functions, the safety and security of the College infrastructure, facilities, communications, and the protection of vital records. LFCC is committed to the safety and protection of its faculty, staff, students, operations and facilities. COOP planning provides the institution with a framework that is designed to minimize potential impact during an event.

The COOP plan establishes policy and guidance to ensure the execution of the essential functions for LFCC in the event that an emergency at the agency or in its service area threatens or incapacitates operations and/or requires the relocation of selected personnel and functions. The LFCC COOP plan is complementary to the LFCC Guide for Emergency Action Response and the LFCC Information Technology Contingency Plan and Business Recovery Plan.

The purpose of a COOP plan is to provide the framework for LFCC to restore essential functions in the event of an emergency that affects operations. 

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