Trey Bloomfield

Trey-BloomfieldTrey Bloomfield has aspired to be a lawyer since Middle School, but his high school G.P.A. did not reflect the same thought. Returning from a beach trip, after graduation, Trey had that epiphany moment, where he realized that college was the route he needed to take, and take seriously. Otherwise, his future would not be what he envisioned. 

Trey started LFCC in the Fall of 2012 on a General Studies Track. In the past year, Trey says, “I’ve taken advantage of the resources LFCC has to offer, from the library to the professors, and I submersed myself into reading and studying.” He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and the Frederick County Republican Committee. Last semester he was part of the LFCC Forensic Team, where he and a classmate won first place in Parliamentary Debate at a regional competition in Baltimore, MD. 

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some people who’ve been helpful along the way,” says Trey, “Andrea Ludwick and Kate Simpson are professors that have been a big influence for me.” He continued, “The one-on-one attention I received made a big difference.” His best friend and neighbor, Loring Stevenson, always listened and helped in critiquing papers and speeches that Trey wrote.

This Fall, Trey plans to attend Virginia Tech as a Philosophy Major. He remains steadfast in his plans to become a lawyer. After his Spring Semester at LFCC, he plans to visit Germany and Italy with his family.

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