Tom Scott

130718-Tom-ScottEnthusiastic and passionate are two words that describe Tom Scott. When he talks about his family and their accomplishments, passion exudes. What’s unique is something they share- all have attended Lord Fairfax Community College.  

Tom smiles, and says “there are professors at LFCC that have taught us all.” His wife graduated with a nursing degree and both his children with an associate degree of arts and sciences. At 55, Tom has launched a path toward a second career and soon there will be two nurses in the Scott household.  

Tom is now in his third semester at LFCC, taking classes part-time and testing his skill in the sciences. That is not too difficult, as he holds a master’s in semi-conductor physics. He has spent the past 35 years “fixing company problems.” He’s traveled all over the world, working with corporate giants like IBM, Toshiba, and Lockheed Martin. Now he wants to focus his energy on assisting patients in local hospitals. Tom exclaims, “the top of my resume’ reads, LOVES TO HELP.” 

A professor, that has warmed the hearts of both Tom and his wife, is Dr. James Crowley. “Dr. Crowley structures his course the way a student needs to know it,” recalls Tom, “he may be tough, but he is such a knowledgeable instructor.” Professor Crowley is Biological Sciences Program Leader at the college.

The Scott family has resided in Front Royal, Virginia for 19 years. Tom hopes to work for Valley Health in Warren County upon completion of his studies. Already, he has conversed with the head of nursing at the local hospital to determine where his talents may best fit. With his life skills and new career aspirations, there is no doubt that Tom will “help others.”

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