Hana Malone

Hana Malone

Pictured: Hana Malone

Hana Malone is an 18 year old from Winchester, VA who started taking dual enrolled classes from LFCC while she was a student at James Wood High School. She just concluded her first full semester in Middletown, working toward an Associate Degree in General Studies. She is not sure what major she would like to pursue, but her talent for the arts resonates. Her work is currently on display at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. As the youngest person ever featured at the Museum’s Art in the Halls, her “hubcap artistry” is a vision for all to enjoy.

Art in the Halls, is a program where local artisans present their creations. Malone’s work complements the international exhibition, Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art. A special reception was held in November to celebrate and showcase Malone’s technique and skill.   The art will be on view through January 11, 2015. 

Marion Mercer, an Art Professor at LFCC, admires Malone’s talent. “I took my drawing class (one in which Malone was enrolled) to the Museum, and just by coincidence, noticed her work on display.”

While growing up with a talented mother and grandmother, Malone was surrounded by pottery, ceramics, sculpting, and watercolor. She and a close friend painted the mural for their high school prom. Last year, while serving as Vice President of the Key Club at James Wood, Malone along with other group members, won first place in an international competition for an imaginative and innovative scrapbook project.   

Between taking classes full-time, working part-time, and creating art, Malone stays busy. She is looking forward to winter break from college, where she will utilize her talents in teaching young children arts and crafts. Malone says, “ I really enjoy the teaching aspects of what I call a hobby.”

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