A Workforce Solutions Success!

Written or last revised on April 8, 2008

Butch Farley, deputy general manager of the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority located in Vint Hill, is very happy with the assistance he’s received from Lord Fairfax Community College’s (LFCC) Office of Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education.

The Authority needed to enhance its staff’s technological abilities, and, with the help of LFCC, the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority is proud to say it is now becoming a technologically savvy workplace!

The field workers for the Authority now take laptops with them into the field. With these laptops, employees are able to receive work orders as they come in, download architectural drawings, manage project schedules and more!

“They were astounded, as was I, by how much they learned,” Butch said. Because of the training, the Authority’s employees are becoming more confident in their computer skills and are able to use their new-found knowledge every day.

Butch also said that Kathy Howard, coordinator of business and industry for LFCC, was very important to the process. “One of the first things a business should do is to survey its staff members and establish their training needs,” Butch said. “Then, the business should take those needs to Kathy, who will make excellent recommendations for classes that will assist in developing the needed skills.”

The Authority has arranged for professional development opportunities through LFCC’s open-enrollment classes. It has also partnered with the Fauquier County government to take advantage of LFCC’s customized training, which was designed specifically for both entities’ needs and was focused on computer-based project management. “We are now able to establish milestones and detailed project schedules. The process has improved our ability to properly track and evaluate our progress,” Butch said. “The Authority is very pleased with what the staff has learned and accomplished.”

To sum it up, Butch offered the following: “The staff here [at the Authority] is excellent, and these educational opportunities have provided us with the opportunity for further improvement.”

To learn more about what LFCC’s Office of Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education has to offer, please visit http://www.lfccworkforce.com.

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