Sarah Mickahail

Written or last revised on Sept. 2, 2009

Sarah Mickahail, 19, proudly states that she “lives in the beautiful rolling hills of Clarke County.” For the last two years, Mickahail has attended LFCC and graduated with an associate degree in liberal arts.

Mickahail enrolled at LFCC in search of a career path at a reasonable price. “When I started college, I wasn’t certain what I wanted to major in, so coming to LFCC gave me the chance to be proactive about finding that out without acquiring debt,” she said.

In addition to the affordable tuition rates, Mickahail also received a scholarship from LFCC. “It helped me more than words can tell. Working constantly to pay every cent of my College bills through my own hard work has been tough. The scholarship was a great relief at a perfect time.”

While attending LFCC, Mickahail has enjoyed getting involved on campus. In recognition of her leadership as president of the History Club and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society of two-year colleges, she was awarded the Student Activities Outstanding Student Leader Award in 2009. She has also enjoyed learning from professors who are experts in their content area. She is appreciative of the fact that many of her professors have current work experience in their fields of expertise.

After graduating from LFCC, she plans to transfer to Shenandoah University, where she will train for a career as a costume designer. In her spare time, Mickahail enjoys designing and sewing costumes and apparel, playing soccer with friends and playing the flute in the Blue Ridge Bible Church’s orchestra.

Mickahail was able to use her passion for costume design this spring when she designed and made the costumes for her church’s Good Friday play. While researching the characteristics of the 12 disciples, she discovered someone she respects. “Andrew [the disciple] intrigued me. He sits in the second chair compared to his big brother, who is a bold extrovert, but Andrew’s focus is on God and what he can do to serve God. Having everyone see or notice what he does for God is not the most important thing for Andrew.”

This Biblical character has inspired Mickahail to live life to the fullest in service to others. “Living with all your heart is what matters most. It energizes me to know that what I do makes a difference among the people around me and that I am serving my Savior in all I do.”

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