LFCC Institutional Review Board (IRB)

LFCC provides the following policy for all individuals and organizations who desire to conduct academic studies and/or research projects and use LFCC and/or the LFCC Educational Foundation as subjects.


This policy does not apply to the following:

  • LFCC faculty or staff members who conduct research projects as part of their assigned work in their classroom as a curricular activity;
  • LFCC students who conduct classroom-based research projects as part of their LFCC curriculum requirements within the confines of that specific classroom assignment and without involving parties outside the classroom; and
  • LFCC employees engaged in official administrative activity for work-related assessment, surveys, and other types of research projects initiated by the College


The following is a checklist of requirements for research projects, based on the policy.  

  1. Submit a written, official request about your proposed research with as much detail as possible.
  2. For graduate work, including dissertations, theses, and course projects, you need IRB approval or exemption from your graduate institution first.
  3. For dissertations or theses, you need to have committee approval of your defended proposal first.  For class projects, you will need faculty approval of your proposed project.
  4. Provide the interview protocol, survey, or list of data you want to use.
  5. How you will ensure privacy and confidentiality of the data, including any personally identifiable information?
  6. How will any personally identifiable data be stored securely?
  7. Are there potential harms or benefits to participants, which might require medical authorization?
  8. How will the results be reported in terms of respondents and institutional identification?    
  9. If you want to email students, faculty, and/or staff, how do you expect this to happen?  Do you want LFCC to send out an email request? Do you want a list of emails?  Do you plan to do follow-up of non-respondents?  
  10. In planning your research, please ensure adequate time for LFCC to review your request and for you to address all requirements.  This checklist is not exhaustive and other considerations may need to be addressed, based on the nature of your proposed research.

For inquiries, please contact:

John Milam, Ph.D.
LFCC IRB Coordinator
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
(540) 868-7249
[email protected]

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