Emergency Closing Alerts

Sign-Up for LFCC Alert

For the latest emergency closing information, please sign up for LFCC Alert by texting lfccalert (all one word) to 226787 or visiting http://alert.lfcc.edu.

Message and data rates may apply. Text messages are sent on an as-needed basis. This service is provided per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Text STOP to 226787 to cancel or HELP for tech support.

You can also visit the College’s website or check the College’s social media accounts (Facebook / Twitter) for emergency communication.

These communication vehicles are updated first in the event of emergency closings. In addition, because LFCC has complete control over these communication methods, messages are guaranteed to be accurate and up to date. This same guarantee cannot be applied to messages heard on local radio and television stations.

When the College issues a delayed opening or day class cancelation announcement, please check the website, LFCC’s official social media accounts, or call the emergency closing announcement telephone lines before leaving home and before you are scheduled to arrive on campus. This may prevent a wasted trip to campus in the event that the College’s closing status changes in the same day.

Please make sure you refresh LFCC’s website upon each visit to ensure that the most up-to-date information is being viewed.

Please note the steps in the emergency closing and delayed opening communication process:

  1. The designated LFCC administrator makes the closing decision and initiates steps to communicate the announcement.
  2. A message is distributed through LFCC Alert regarding the closing announcement.
  3. LFCC’s website and social media accounts are updated to reflect the closing announcement.
  4. LFCC’s emergency closing announcement telephone lines are updated to reflect the closing announcement.
  5. Media in the area are contacted and asked to announce the closing status of the College. Please note that LFCC cannot control if and when the announcements are made.

In the event that a delayed opening changes to a closing announcement on the same day, this change will be communicated at least 1.5 hours before the delayed opening time. The process above will once again be followed. (For example, if a decision is made that the College will open at noon instead of 8 a.m. and then a later decision is made to close the College the entire day, the change will be communicated by 10:30 a.m.)

As previously stated, in the case of inclement weather — regardless of the emergency closing announcement — all students and employees should use good judgment as to whether or not it is safe to travel.

Closing Information

LFCC’s philosophy is to try and keep the College open and on a regular schedule. Unless classes are officially canceled, faculty members are expected to keep their scheduled classes. However, emergency situations and inclement weather can mandate the need for changes. Decisions regarding closings or delays will be made for each location based upon the respective situation. In the case of inclement weather, regardless of the decision, all students and employees should use good judgment as to whether or not it is safe to travel.

In communicating cancelation information to the news media, distinctions will be made between day and evening classes. Day classes run between 7 a.m. and 3:50 p.m. Evening classes run between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. Should conditions warrant a delay in opening, classes that were not affected by the delay will be held at their normally scheduled times once the College opens. For those classes that did not meet due to the delay in opening, faculty will follow the College procedures for make-up of classes as directed by the deans of learning and/or vice president of learning.

Unless it is specifically communicated otherwise, if the College is closed, then all three locations – Fauquier and Middletown Campuses and the Luray-Page County Center – are closed. If only one or two of the three locations is closed, the message will communicate this. (For example: LFCC day classes on the Fauquier Campus are canceled.) If a location closes, then compressed video classes for all locations will be canceled. Please note that in the event that one of LFCC’s off-site class locations closes (for example: Warren County High School), then the classes that are held there are also canceled.

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